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Learn how to link a domain to a website, a web page or an email address.

Also SSL and monetization.

  • DNS Services & Parking Services

Provider: DNS Made Easy

DNS basics:
What are nameservers, zones and records?

Nameservers, Zones and Records are mandatory in order to configure any services linked to a domain, such as a website or and email address.

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DNS features and pricing models

This guide describes the DNS features as well as the 2 pricing models.

You can use it to better understand a specific feature. Additionally, it can be used to perform a point-to-point comparison of any DNS plans.

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Web and email redirections

Let's see what are redirects and forwardings.


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Parking basics:

Monetization of unused domains

For domains kept as part of your defensive registration strategy.

For domains listed for sale.

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Advanced solutions including DNS services

Some providers offers advanced solutions including DNS Services. These solutions aim to provide features such as CDN, IP Filtering and much more.

Below are two popular providers offering such advanced solutions: